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to the bride.

I am overjoyed that you are in this space as you make your selections for your wedding! Thank you for the consideration of collaborating with Blackcurrant Design to create custom earrings for your special day.  It is an honor to walk along side you as you select all the details that make your wedding unique and memorable. With a background in Fashion and Interior Design, I understand the importance of details, all the way down to the earrings you choose to wear.  Let's get started! 

the process.

1. To begin the custom order process, please get in touch by filling out the form below. Be sure to include details! For example; your wedding gown style, colors and theme, any accessories you’ll be wearing, or any styles from my collection that inspire you. Pictures are also helpful.  All of this information will help me bring your vision to life!

2. I’ll respond to your inquiry within 2 business days. From there, we’ll discuss and confirm the details of the project.

3. To secure your order, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due once the design details have been finalized.

4. I'll then begin work on your order, keeping you updated throughout the process. 

5. When the project is completed, I'll send a set of photos of four finished designs for you to preview. Your payment includes the selection of two earrings! Once you reply with the two you would like to keep the remaining balance invoice is sent and the order will be mailed after payment. 

pricing & time-line.

Bride Only:  for custom bridal earrings the set price is $160. This includes time spent collaborating with you, 4 custom handmade earring designs to choose from and the two pairs for you to keep.

Bride & Party: If you want your wedding party or other loved ones to wear earrings to match your style, you can add as many as you want for $30 each.


Product turn around: The time line to go from a concept design to your perfect bridal earrings usually takes 10-12 days.

get in touch.

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