story time. 

hi, my name is tiffany and i am the designer and owner of this handmade shop, BLACKCURRANT DESIGN. i am humbled that you have decided to stop by and pay a visit. my favorite thing about shopping small is getting to know the owners. so, here i am sharing my life with you. i was born in houston, tx and lived in venezuela, south america as a child. yes, you read that right! we lived in an american community but, my dad made us speak spanish to order ice cream! i grew up running around construction zones, in a 3rd world country, bare foot. it was a blast. would you believe me if i told you i lived in florence, italy to study design and jewelry making? i even spent time in perth, australia! i married a dream boat - pastor man and we have two precious boys, a dog, two cats and backyard chickens. prior to residing in wabash, indiana my family and i lived in chicago, illinois where BLACKCURRANT was born. this shop started in the after hours on our dining room table. our family was going through the adoption process of our youngest son and life was really heavy. my husband and i needed something else to talk about and i needed to do something with my hands. to this day it is an incredible stress reliever. there is no way around it; my work has been influenced by different cultures and life experiences.

why clay?

if you haven't picked up on my medium of choice; its polymer clay! I love it for so many reasons. polymer clay is incredibly light. no more heavy earrings, praise jesus! my creations do not happen instantly. clay is cold and hard and in order to create anything new and beautiful it needs to go through a series of events in order to soften the clay. once the clay is soft it can blend better with other colors and mold into fantastic creations. sometimes i need to be reminded that apart from the potter i can be hard and cold just like my clay. its a reminder to give myself time to rest in his hands, and let him, create in me a new creation. 

who is the potter?

 BLACKCURRANT DESIGN is inspired by so much of my life experiences but the greatest is gods greatest work of art- you. made in his image, made beautifully, "flaws" and all. made to laugh out loud until your face hurts. made to run just. one. more. mile! made to do what only you can do! before woman, god created the heavens and the earth. with his very words, he spoke everything into being! gazing upon countless twinkling stars, deep expansive oceans, and the precious petals of an intricate flower, "god saw that it was good". yet, with all this beauty his work was incomplete. like the crescendo to god's harmonious symphony, he created woman. this time with his very hands! working with my hands, to create something new, is truly a gift to be reminded of this beautiful story.


black * currant Noun:

A lush berry that truly appeals to all the senses. while grown best in friendly soil, this fruit can persevere through harsh winter months! once harvested, BLACKCURRANT can be used in creative and boundless ways. for the berry’s truest flavor? apply the heat! 

like you, these earrings are hand-made and cultivated by fire. we encounter trials and tribulations but the heat only refines us. as women, we carry babies in our arms and the weight of the world on our shoulders. often forgetting the story of eve. gods creation was incomplete without her. she reminds us of who we are, but more importantly, who’s we are! so, whether you pop your earrings on to conquer the boardroom or tackle the laundry, you won’t forget your name.


BLACKCURRANT pieces are CAPTIVATING in beauty, VERSATILE for everyday use and provoke BRAVE vibes.

creating one of a kind, clay accessories that empower women to embrace their unique purpose.