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hey lady! thank you for taking the time to check out my shop. everything that you see is slow made, thoughtfully curated and made with my two hands.  some styles might be sold out but I work hard to insure that there are always styles to shop. take a look around.

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"I absolutely LOVE my Blackcurrant Earrings.  They are what I reach for the most right now! Tiffany’s craftsmanship and design are top notch.  I’m recommending them to all my friends!"

stephanie, nc

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"I’m THRILLED I came across Blackcurrant and all the gorgeous, handcrafted earrings! My hubby, not so much. LOL I’m addicted! The craftsmanship is Top Notch! It’s so fun to see the Fresh Designs for the New Seasons! While the Earrings are beautiful - it’s Tiffany's sweet spirit that SHINES BRIGHT! So excited to get beautiful, original jewelry while supporting a small, Christian based business owner!"

amy, va